Holland&Sherry erbjuder TARGET GABERDINESHS 1529250/270grm 8/9ozSUPER 100’S AND 130’S WORSTED PLAINSEn fantastisk variant och tålig även om lätt och silkes mjuk känsla och erbjuder en bred kollektion av färger och går att kombinera som byxor till andra varianter för kavajen. Nedan text från Holland&Sherry’s hemsida. Om ni vill bekanta er med denna kvalité är det möjligt att boka in en tid 0725547979Offering incomparable comfort and resilience, Holland & Sherry’s Target Gaberdines collection comprises two qualities.Serge is constructed from a 2/2 twill and generally has the same number of threads in both warp and weft directions; the twill line produced runs from left to right at a 45 degree angle. Traditionally serge cloths were used by the military because of their ability to withstand harsh wear. A serge fabric is considered to be more versatile and is used for suitings, trousers and blazers.Gaberdines are constructed from a 2/1 twill with significantly more threads in the warp than in the weft. This tightly woven fabric is smooth on the reverse with a steep twill diagonal running from left to right on the face.